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What is Sports Wood Floors and How is it Made ?

Sports flooring is specialized flooring surfaces designed for athletic activities such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. These sports wood floors are made by layering hardwood, such as maple or oak, and undergo processes like sanding, sealing, and finishing with a protective coating. The resulting flooring provides durability, shock absorption, excellent traction, and ball response, making it an optimal choice for high-impact sports.

What is Indoor Sports Vinyl Floor?

Sports Floors are highly durable and perfectly finished and suited for facilities that can match sports performance with optimal safety and comfort. They come with the confluence of a reduced carbon footprint and high resistance to traffic for the varying needs of different sports. They offer the right balance of safety, comfort, performance and aesthetic pleasure.

The Benefits of Using Indoor Sports Vinyl Floor

Sports vinyl flooring is the most popular product used for sports today in India due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colours. It provides with Athletic protection and enhanced performance.

Why Squarefoot is Best Choice for Indoor Sports Vinyl Floor?

Square Foot provides the Perfect vinyl wood flooring solutions for Every Area of Every Sport. Our experience is reflected in the quality and right balance of safety, comfort, performance, and aesthetic pleasure.

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