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FISH BONE is a design laminate flooring with a chevron look. The modern design of chevron created unevenly on a fishbone floor. The floor looks handcrafted and is perfect for discerning customers looking for a modern design floor with a natural look. The 4 side mini bevel floor looks like an old and worn out rewatched floor which can help complete your modern interiors!

What is a Fishbone Laminate Wooden Flooring?

Fishbone Laminate Flooring is a stylish and modern laminate wood flooring solution with a unique chevron design that adds elegance to any space. This wooden laminate flooring is perfect for those who want a natural look and feel to their floors, and it's available in easy-to-install laminate wood sheets. The uneven pattern creates a handcrafted appearance that is ideal for discerning customers who appreciate a modern design. Choose Square Foot for your laminate flooring needs and get the best flooring solution that combines durability and aesthetics.

The Different Designs of Fishbone Laminate Flooring

The available designs are Oak Fortress Alnwing, Oak Fortress Ashford, Oak Fortress Rochesta.

Why Squarefoot is the Best Choice for Fishbone Laminate Flooring

Square Foot is one of India's most trusted flooring companies and is operating since 1995 with more than 90 million squarefoot installed till date. Under these categories, three designs are available such as Oak Fortress Alnwing, Oak Fortress Ashford and Oak Fortress Rochesta.

We have Laminate Flooring for every taste and budget, from our popular Fishbone Laminate Wood Flooring to our more unique Rio, Basics, Luxus 832, Herringbone, Classica 832, French Oak, End Grain, Harmony and Specials options. We also offer a variety of other flooring options, including Engineered Wood Flooring, Solid Wood Flooring, Modern Outdoor Floor Tiles, Wood Tiles Design, Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Wallpaper for Walls, Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring, Linoleum Flooring, Sports Flooring, Carpet Flooring, and Ecofit Flooring.

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