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Our state-of-the-art textured products redefine the natural colours of wood, setting a new design trend for wooden floors. The Herringbone option revives the timeless parquet appearance reminiscent of palaces. The Brushed products offer an aged aesthetic to your floor, while the Smoked series utilizes heat treatment to permanently alter the floor's color, ensuring a lasting transformation unlike temporary staining. Within the Solid Wood category, each species has specific specifications that broadly fall into the following categories. For precise details on your chosen species, please consult with our sales representative. Explore the unique charm of textured wood flooring, including the exquisite teak herringbone flooring.


Textured Wood Flooring involves state-of-the-art products that transform the natural colors of wood, ushering in a new design trend for wooden floors. This effect is achieved by treating each board with a wire brush, resulting in a deeper, more pronounced grain and increased resistance to scratches. Typically, this finish is combined with either a Matt Lacquer or a Natural Oil, offering versatility in both species and finishes. Choose from a diverse range to create an exceptionally rich and distinctive look in your wooden flooring with texture.


Lacquer Finish (Matt and Glossy) and Handcrafted (Brushed).

Why Squarefoot is the Best Choice for Textured Solid wood Flooring

Square Foot is one of India's most trusted flooring companies and is operating since 1995 with more than 90 million squarefoot installed till date. The different textured of Solid wood flooring available with us are Teak Herringbone, Oak Cognac Plank and Oak Coffee Plank.

Apart from Textured Solid Wood Flooring, we also provide Natural Solid Wood Flooring. Additionally, our range includes Engineered Wood Flooring, Wood Laminate Flooring, Modern Outdoor Floor Tiles, Wood Tiles Design, Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Wallpaper for Walls, Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring, Linoleum Flooring, Sports Flooring, Carpet Flooring, and Ecofit Flooring.

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